Resistance Status of Synthetic Drugs against Ticks in Organized and Farmer Goat Flock

  • Arvind Kumar Animal Health Division, C.I.R.G, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura (U.P.) -281122, India.
  • Sadhana Singh Animal Health Division, C.I.R.G, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura (U.P.) -281122, India.
  • Kanhiya Mahour Experimental Laboratory, Department of Zoology, R.P. (P.G.) College, Kamalganj, Farrukhabad (U.P.), India.
  • V. S. Vihan Animal Health Division, C.I.R.G, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura (U.P.) -281122, India.
Keywords: Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, B. microplus, Ectopar


Resistance status of synthetic pyrethroid (cypermethrin and deltamethrin) has done with farm and field strains of B. microplus at different-different concentration. The results revealed that cypermethrin is very effective than deltamethrin against village strain.


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