Twenty new Records of Algae in some Springs around Safeen Mountain Area


  • Farhad Hassan Aziz Department of Environmental Science, College of Science, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kirkuk Road, Erbil Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Allwan Qader Ahmad Muhammed Department of Environmental Science, College of Science, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kirkuk Road, Erbil Kurdistan Region, Iraq.


Species, Non-diatom algae, Phytoplanktonic and Tychoplanktonic algae, Epilithic, Epipelic


This study was carried out in 2015-2016 within Erbil governorate. A total of 151 algal species were identified from 8 divisions, 9 classes, 24 orders, 37 families and 72 genera. The majority of species were belonged to Chlorophyta with 68 species (45.033%), followed by Cyanophyta with 46 species (30.463%), Euglenophyta with 18 species (11.92%), Chrysophyta with 12 species (7.947%), Charophyta with 3 species occupied (1.987%),  Rhodophyta with 2 species (1.32%) and each of Cryptophyta and Pyrrophyta with one species occupied (0.662%). Among them, 20 species and 6 genera are new records to Iraqi flora viz.: Komvophoron constrictum, Nephrocytium agardhianum, Lepocinclis fusiformis, Petalomonas sp., Heteronema acus, Peranema trichophorum and Chilomonas paramecium were recorded as new to the Iraqi algal flora.


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