Studies on External Morphology of the Indian Water Boatmen, Micronecta striata, Fieb. (Corixidae, Hemiptera: Heteroptera)

  • Sunil Kumar Department of Zoology, B.S.A. College, Mathura-281004 (U.P.), India.
  • Y. C. Gupta Department of Zoology, B.S.A. College, Mathura-281004 (U.P.), India.
Keywords: Hemiptera, Indian water boatman, Micronecta striata, External morphology


The order Hemiptera is divided into two suborders, the Heteroptera and Homoptera. The water boatmen Micronecta striata (Fieb.), 1808 belongs to the suborder Heteroptera which is characterized by base of rostrum usually not touching anterior coxae, gular region usually well developed, long pronotum large, forewings usually thickened basally and membranous apically, hind wings membranous, both pairs folded flat over the back with apices overlapping, tarsi normally three-segmented.


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